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transmission diagnosis

Simple or major transmission issues? Our professional diagnosis can tell the difference. Don't guess. Many transmission problems are not the transmission itself.

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If you do need a new transmission, we have hundreds in stock ready to install. There is no need to wait for a rebuild that doesn't replace all the components, just the failing ones.

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We do not repair or rebuild CVT's (continuously variable transmissions). We have remanufactured, or sometimes, used CVT's available.

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transmission control module

Most people don't even know their vehicle has one. It is the computer that controls your automatic transmission. It can be the culprit behind many common transmission problems. We replace and then re-program them for your vehicle.

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transmission cooler

Towing a trailer or RV? We install or replace transmission coolers. Prevent transmission overheating and failure.

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All automatic transmissions have torque converters between the engine and the transmission. We replace failing torque converters with remanufactured ones.

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If you have a 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle, you have a transfer case. Transfer cases need fluid level and electronic checks. If failing, we repair or replace them.

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Driveshaft bearings, u-joints, complete replacement, balancing and more.

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We repair, service and replace differentials for front wheel drive, all wheel drive, and rear wheel drive vehicles.

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