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CVT Transmissions

CVT Repair / CVT Replacement

Unlike traditional automatic transmissions, addressing a CVT failure has limited options.

CVT transmissions have limited parts available from 3rd party vendors. Even OEM parts for CVT units are limited to any non-dealer. This challenge limits our ability to rebuild a CVT transmission in-house.

Remanufactured CVT Transmissions

The right choice! A remanufactured CVT has a nationwide warranty for 100,000 miles or three years. This option is priced similarly or sometimes even lower than getting a CVT transmission replacement from a dealership. However, the 3-year warranty is an absolute necessity. Spending thousands of dollars on a CVT repair is about something other than having a reliable vehicle tomorrow but a reliable car for the foreseeable future.

In certain circumstances, we believe a quality national remanufactured transmission is a great solution. However, availability is limited to specific makes and models, so call us to determine if this is an option.

Dealer CVT Transmission

For many years, buying a CVT from a dealer or finding a used one was the only option. Due to the limited 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty which is often limited to parts only. Remanufactured CVT's are a better choice when available.

Sadly, some CVT transmissions are rarely remanufactured by 3rd party groups, so a dealer unit is often a customer's only solution. To make it worse, a dealer's cost of these units can easily eclipse the vehicle's value even before considering the installation price or fluids.

Used CVT Transmission

Buying a used CVT transmission is a gamble with your vehicle and wallet. CVT transmissions both new and used are known for high failure rates.

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